Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church by Tiza Joseph Nyirenda (Author), Roberts Liardon (Foreword)

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  • Author
    Tiza Joseph Nyirenda

    Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church

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  • Foreword by
    Pastor Roberts Liardon

    The Author of God's Generals series

  • New Book by
    Tiza Joseph Nyirenda

    Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church

    The purpose of this book is to equip believers with necessary tools, Knowledge, and Spiritual insights to recognize false teachings-particularly in the area of Healing, Blessings and Miracles so that false doctrines will no longer be perpetuated within the Church. There is need for conformity of the modern day practices and teachings on Healing, Blessings and Miracles to the written word of God.

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  • Quote by
    Kathryn Kuhlman

    A little Knowledge and an over-abundance of zeal always tend to be harmful in the area involving religious truths, it can be disastrous.


These are some of the questions which people frequently ask me which you might also have in mind as you take a look at my website.


I wrote this book because am concerned about fanaticism that is sweeping the Church. I feel the biggest hindrance to a Holy Ghost Revival we have today, is Fanaticism. For example on the African Continent, due to certain teachings, many believers have become brainwashed and strayed to life destructive paths. Therefore the purpose of this book is to equip people with necessary tools, Knowledge and Spiritual insights to recognize false Spiritual teachings-particularly in the area of Healing, Blessings and Miracles so that false doctrines will not be perpetuated within the church.

Kathryn Kuhlman once said; “A little knowledge and an over-abundance of zeal always tend to be harmful. In the area involving religious truths, it can be disastrous”

Therefore in order to counter false Spiritual teachings leading to religious fanaticism, we need to soak ourselves in Scriptures so that we can deepen our understanding of Scriptures rather than being led by mere emotions. The Bible is our standard and manual, therefore in this book; I want people to have essential understandings of God’s character. I have singled out Blessings, Healing and Miracles in my book, because I feel there are misconceptions in the Church on these tree topics. There is much need of conformity of the present teachings and practices on Healing, Blessings and Miracles with the written word of God.

Despite the faults and errors of the Church today, the church has much more that is sublime in it. Christ is the head of the Church, the Bible says “He is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the first born from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy”(Colossians 1:18). So despite the faults of the church, It remains a center of restoration, healing and deliverance. As Richard Wurmbrand (1909-2001), the Romanian Christian Minister, who stood against Communism once put it in his book-In God’s Underground, replying to people who criticizes the Church for its errors and faults of the past, he wrote “The sea drowns thousands every year, but no one contests its beauty, a Hospital may stink of pus and blood: in that lies its beauty, for it receives the sick with their disgusting sores and horrible diseases”. So the errors and faults of the Church like the savagery of the crusades, Galileo’s persecution and other crimes of the past, together with the current faults and error that the church has found itself in, cannot dismiss the fact that the glorified Christ is still the head of the Church.


I started writing two years ago, I would write articles and short novels which I left halfway. This is my first book which I began working on sometime last year. What has made me a writer is the fact that My life as an individual has been dramatically been influenced by Christian Literatures .Many Great writers read a lot, I have read many books far more than I have watched Movies. Am largely a product of books and having read a lot of Christian books has boosted my Spiritual understanding. I was born in a house where we had many Christian books, which my late father used to read. Among the Christian Literatures that have equipped me with Spiritual insights include;

  1. ‘The Pursuit of God’ -By A.W Tozer,

  2. ‘Understanding the Anointing’- By Kenneth Hagin,

  3. ‘Pentecostal Rays’- By George Jeffreys,

  4. ‘The purpose Driven life’- By Rick Warren,

  5. ‘Victory in Jesus and the lord’s Healing Torch’ -By Kathryn Kuhlman

  6. ‘Smith Wigglesworth on the Holy Spirit’, - By Smith Wigglesworth

  7. God’s Generals, why they succeeded and why some failed-By Roberts Liardon( Am so grateful to Pastor Liardon, I wrote to him to ask if he could write a Foreword for my book which he agreed after reading it)

  8. The Burning Heart- A biography of John Wesley-By A. Skevington Wood.

  9. Bible Characters-By Dwight L. Moody

  10. Daughter of Destiny- a biography of Kathryn Kuhlman-By Jamie Buckingham

  11. Knowledge of the Holy One-By A.W Tozer

  12. In God’s Underground-By Richard Wurmbrand


My passion has always been evangelism since childhood. I was born on the 29th of August the same day that Charles grandson Finney, the great America Evangelist and the father of Modern Revivalist, was born. Since childhood, I have felt that having a birthday on the same day with a great man like Finney was not a mere coincident.

As an Economist I would love to be an agent for justice and societal change. I would love to initiate Youths empowerment programs. Zambia is a youthful nation but the youths in Zambia are bearing the brunt of unemployment, due to a number of factors which include lack of skills or education, lack of access to finances, the sluggish growth of the economy, economic policies that favor foreign investors more than local investors etc.


Am Pentecostal, at the moment I go to the Pentecostal assemblies of God church. I was 16 years old when I joined Pentecostalism. Before that I used to attend Brethren In Christ Church, together with my mother. But because, I do not stay in one place for a long time, I have attended different Pentecostal and non- Pentecostal churches in different towns I have visited. In my last three years at University, I attended non- Pentecostal church, where I underwent water baptism, after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, when I was 15, at Canisius secondary school.