Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church by Tiza Joseph Nyirenda (Author), Roberts Liardon (Foreword)

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  • Author
    Tiza Joseph Nyirenda

    Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church

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  • Foreword by
    Pastor Roberts Liardon

    The Author of God's Generals series

  • New Book by
    Tiza Joseph Nyirenda

    Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church

    The purpose of this book is to equip believers with necessary tools, Knowledge, and Spiritual insights to recognize false teachings-particularly in the area of Healing, Blessings and Miracles so that false doctrines will no longer be perpetuated within the Church. There is need for conformity of the modern day practices and teachings on Healing, Blessings and Miracles to the written word of God.

  • Quote by
    Kathryn Kuhlman

    A little Knowledge and an over-abundance of zeal always tend to be harmful in the area involving religious truths, it can be disastrous.

My book

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In this book i have taken time to give a balanced view on Healing, Blessings and Miracles because many churches today just teach these three topics on the extreme. The extreme views on these topics have given rise to Fanaticism in the Church, which if left unchecked, has the potential to turnish the image of the Church. There is much need of conformity of the present teachings on Healing, Blessings and Miracles with the teachings of the written word of God. Therefore in these pages you will discover:


  • God still heals people miraculously but there is no conflict between divine healing and a medical cure or healing.

  • Seeking medical intervention does not demonstrate a lack of faith in God.

  • God has power through, despite, or because of medicines; however, God may choose the medicines themselves as agents of healing—without the need for additional, divine intervention.

  • This is because He designed physical bodies for us that respond in physical ways to physical stimuli. All of this was orchestrated by Him and for Him—so there’s no conflict with faith to behave in a way that corresponds with our physical bodies.

  • Physicality is a gift from God and God wants us to be good stewards of our bodies.

  • Certain herbs and chemicals bring about specific, trackable changes in our physiology, and that knowledge is certainly, not of satan-it’s a gift of God- just as our physical bodies and natures are gifts from God.

  • Healing Evangelists during the Healing Revival of 1947-1957 in the USA who failed to see this balance of God heals and others Like Kathryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts who saw this balance and supported the work of Physicians.

  • Mature believers should never see their Spiritual leaders or anointed Men and women of God (Prophets, pastors, Evangelists etc.) to be infallible.

  • We should respect and pray for our Spiritual leaders, but never assume that they are super-human.

  • The teachings of a Man or woman of God cannot supercede the word of God.

  • we should compare what our Men and women of God teach with the written word of God, to avoid falling into error

  • The Holy Spirit is the source of any spiritual gift(healing, prophecy, word of wisdom, working of miracles, tongues etc) and not any Man or woman.

  • Working is God’s great plan for humanity

  • God can miraculously supply our needs at times like he supplied manna for the children of Isreal in the wilderness

  • But working remains the biblical standard through which we earn our food or money.

  • The scriptures says that God will bless the works of our hands.

  • Therefore believers should learn to work with their hands to realize the blessings of God.

  • Biblical principles of success

  • And many more