Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church by Tiza Joseph Nyirenda (Author), Roberts Liardon (Foreword)

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  • Author
    Tiza Joseph Nyirenda

    Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church

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  • Foreword by
    Pastor Roberts Liardon

    The Author of God's Generals series

  • New Book by
    Tiza Joseph Nyirenda

    Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church

    The purpose of this book is to equip believers with necessary tools, Knowledge, and Spiritual insights to recognize false teachings-particularly in the area of Healing, Blessings and Miracles so that false doctrines will no longer be perpetuated within the Church. There is need for conformity of the modern day practices and teachings on Healing, Blessings and Miracles to the written word of God.

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  • Quote by
    Kathryn Kuhlman

    A little Knowledge and an over-abundance of zeal always tend to be harmful in the area involving religious truths, it can be disastrous.

About me

Tiza Joseph NyirendaI was born Tiza Joseph Nyirenda at Macha Mission Hospital, on 29th August 1990, to Pastor Peter Daniel Nyirenda and Mrs Mutinta Mwaanga Nyirenda, a midwife nurse. Then, my parents were living in Sikalongo Mission, another mission station run by the Brethren in Christ Church. My late father was in his final year at Sikalongo Bible Institute, while my late mother had been working as a nurse at Sikalongo Rural health Clinic for 7 years when they met and got married.

Before enrolling in Bible school, my late Father had lived all his life in Lundazi where he was born, went to Chizongwe Technical School in Chipata and then worked for Ministry of Agriculture and Water Development as a statistical clerk, from 1977 to 1979. In 1980 he went to live in Malawi where he was doing a Telecommunication course from 1980 to 1982. He then worked for a Telecommunication company in Mozambique before he went to Maamba to live with his cousin and subsequently joined Maamba mine collieries. He joined the mine in 1984.By then he was attending UCZ church at Maamba. At the end of 1986 Realizing God was calling him into ministry; he resigned from the mine and enrolled into bible school in January 1987.

My father met my mother while studying at Sikalongo Bible institute Run by the brethren in Christ Church. By then my mother was working as an in-charge nurse at Sikalongo clinic. In 1989, they got married and in 1990 during my father’s final at the institute, my Mother expecting a child travelled to Macha Mission Hospital so that she could deliver at a hospital which was better equipped than the clinic she worked for. I was born on 29th August 1990, at exactly 13:05, after a Successful Caesarian section, My father gave me the Tumbuka name Tiza meaning “we have come”.?

After My father’s graduation at Sikalongo Bible Institute, he was assigned to pastor the Brethren in Christ Mufulira church, in the Copperbelt, a province found on the North western part of the country. From three months old, until I was 3, I lived in Mufulira with my parents until my father passed on in 1994. From January to March, 1993, my father went to Pretoria, South Africa, to attend a seminar for training in African Leadership at Hatfield training Centre.

In the same year of 1993 he had planned to preach a sermon at Brethren in Christ General Conference, on building the church through the youth. He had also been accepted at Emmanuel Bible College in Canada to do his bachelor of Theology program which was supposed to commence in September, 11, 1993. After returning from South Africa where he had attended two seminars on leadership in Africa, he was looking forward for the annual general conference that was to be held in Choma where he was scheduled to speak. But he had Malaria before coming to the conference in August, 1993, but became seriously ill during his journey from Mufulira to Choma, and was hospitalized upon arrival in Choma.

He was later transferred to Macha mission Hospital where he remained hospitalized until March18th 1994 when he passed on. After my Father’s death, My Mother felt, she should just start working at Macha Mission Hospital, so she got a transfer from Kamuchanga hospital in Mufulira to come and work at Macha mission Hospital. By 1995, I was back living at the same place I was born 5 years before.Tiza Age 4 with Father and Mother

At 7, I enrolled at Macha Mission primary School, where I completed my primary education with excellent results. I then proceeded to St. Canisius Secondary School, run by the Jesuit Fathers in Chikuni Mission of Monze district. It was at Canisius secondary School where I became born again. Quite alright I had been brought up in a Christian home where Christian values were taught and I went to church every Sunday year in and out, sang at church, memorized Scriptures but without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I joined Scripture Union at St. Canisius where I began to understand salvation through repentance. Before then, it had not appealed to me that I needed to repent of my sins. I reasoned that I was young to be a sinner, especially that I was brought up in a home where Christian values where inculcated in me, I took it for granted that I was a bona fide Christian, even when I had never repented of my sins and asked Jesus to come into my life. It was at St. Canisius that I began to understand how all were born sinners as the result of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. Therefore I made a point to approach the throne of grace and ask for the forgiveness of sin. Before I left St. Canisius, I was Spirit filled and started attending Macha Pentecostal assemblies whenever I came home for holidays. I sat for my grade nine examinations and again came out with excellent results.

I was accepted to pursue my Secondary school at Hillcrest Technical High School in Livingstone. I did my grade ten and a bit of my grade eleven there. At this point in my life, family hardships had me it unbearable for me to continue at Hillcrest. My grades fell sharply. I saw it best to attend a school near my family. After a few consultations I choose Sikalongo Secondary School, the place where my parents had gotten married and lived for a few years.

However it was at Hillcrest where my passion for Jesus and spiritual fire increased tremendously. I began to preach in school hostels, I was also for some time a committee member of the Scripture Union.

I moved to Sikalongo secondary school in grade eleven term two. It was altogether a different school from two secondary schools I had attended. But I went to obtain my grade twelve certificate there. In 2011, I enrolled to study Accounts at National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) in Lusaka. I never liked accounts at all and dropped out after six months of attending classes. But in 2012, I got a job as an accounts clerk at Macha mission Hospital, where I worked for six months. In 2013, January, I enrolled at Zambia Catholic University in Kalulushi on the Copperbelt to pursue A degree of arts in Economics. I began my studies, from the very start, I enjoyed reading Economics. I made many friends at the university and contested for the position of vice president of the Zambia Catholic University student organization. Having a lot of friends at campus, I received an overwhelming number of votes that saw me defeat my rivals. I held this position of vice president of the student union for a year. By then I was in third year in 2015. I completed my studies in 2016 and graduated on 8th September 2017 after four years of studying Economics.

My Mother passed on this year on 23rd July, a month and a week before my graduation. I am currently still living in Macha with my young sister.